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Chef’s choice



Panko and walnut crusted catfish on a green salad with balsamic lime dressing   2490.-

 Red caviar canapes with dill cream cheese and smoked salmon   1990.-



Fish soup with catfish fillet   1790.-

 Creamy pumpkin soup with honey, orange and roasted pumpkin seeds   990.-


Main dishes

Angus beef tenderloin stuffed homemade ravioli in cheddar cheese sauce with chilli and porcini mushrooms   4590.-

 Confit duck legs with rosemary, red wine & honey stewed prunes and apple croquettes   4490.-

 Almond crusted fish fillet with jasmine rice and tartare sauce   3390.-

 Stuffed cabbage with fresh sour cream   2690.-



Almond coconut cake (Raffaello) with caramel striped white chocolate sauce   1490 .-

 Honey walnut prunes roll with vanilla sauce   1490.-