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Chef’s choice



Fried chilli garlic tiger prawns with crusty baguette 2790.-


Honey sesame chicken skewers with rocket & fruit salad with lime dressing  2190.-


Hungarian grey cattle ragout soup with lime, vegetables and meat balls in a bowl  1890.-


Yogurt fruit soup with vanilla ice cream and caramel whipped cream in a cup  890.-

Main dishes

T-Bone steak /450 g/ with pistachio & avocado ragout stuffed potatoes  8290.-


Smoked beef brisket tortellini with chili barbecue sauce



Grilled lamb chops with mint pesto and lemon pepper potatoes  5190 .-


Grilled red snapper with lime couscous and green apple puree  3190.-


Prune-stuffed duck breast fillet with red wine sour cherry ragout and potato fritters with almonds




Apple pancake with vanilla yogurt mousse, fresh fruits and crispy crumbs  1190.-


French raspberry strudel with vanilla ice cream



Enjoy your meal !                Alfred Stex Jr.