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Chef’s choice



Duck breast slices with roasted beetroot & pomegranate salad with pine nuts   2590.-


Smoked gomolya cheese and chicken tortilla roll-ups with chive dip   2090.-



Wild boar and porcini mushroom ragout soup with grilled goat cheese pita bread   1990.-


Sweet potato and coconut cream soup with bacon chips    1390.-


Main dishes

Angus and goose liver burger with avocado & tomato cream, caramelized onions and sweet potato fries   5790.-


Rosemary wild duck breast with quince & pumpkin ragout and apple potato puffs   4090.-


Goat cheese and garlic spinach stuffed pork loin with porcini mushroom risotto   3790.-


Red wine lamb stew with sheep cheese & bacon polenta   3890.-


Beef cheek confit and truffle ravioli with tomato & basil ragu and grilled mozzarella in Parma ham   4490.-



Mascarpone Nutella cake with white chocolate foam 1590.-


Vanilla poppy seed cream pancake with warm rum cherry sauce   1490.-


Enjoy your meal !                Alfred Stex Jr.