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Chef’s choice



Smoked trout fillet with fennel and caper salad  2890.-


Blackberry chicken salad with crispy baked goat cheese balls  2890.-


Cold plum soup with apricot foam and crispy almond crumble  1290.-


Cream of carrot soup with ginger, lemon and rosemary popcorn  1290.-


Main dishes

Angus beef stuffed homemade ravioli with wasabi cheddar cheese sauce  4990.-


Lamb shank confit with roasted pak choi and porcinimushroom risotto  5690.-


Pineapple duck burger with teriyaki sauce and crispy sweet potato fries  3890.-


Slow roasted venison haunch with redcurrant & red wine sauce and apple stuffed potato croquettes



Gray cattle meatballs with tomato & basil ragu, homemade pasta and melted buffalo mozzarella  4590.-



Limoncello fruit salad filled apple pancake with vanilla ice cream  1190.-


Butter roasted cantaloupe with vanilla ricotta foam and raspberry pulp  1190.-


Enjoy your meal !                Alfred Stex Jr.