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Chef’s choice



Easter ham and cheese platter with fresh vegetables and homemade milk bread      1790.-

Grilled camembert with homemade milk bread toast and hot forest fruit ragout    1890.-



Easter smoked ham soup with quail eggs and cheese scones    1590.- 

Creamy wild garlic soup with poached eggs



Main dishes

Grilled rack of lamb with lemon and sage, baby carrots with garlic butter and spinach mashed potatoes    5590.- 

Parma ham wrapped turkey breast fillet stuffed with goat cheese and sage, served with wild garlic marinated potatoes     3290.-

Smoked knuckle of pork Orly-style with potato salad with mayonnaise and chives    3090.-

Homemade ravioli stuffed with spicy lamb served on butter roasted pak choi    3890.-

Grilled filet of pike-perch with steamed pagoda cauliflower and wild garlic risotto      4390.-



Carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese       1390.-

Cottage cheese balls with elderflower mascarpone foam and strawberry pulp      1190.-


Enjoy your meal !                Alfred Stex Jr.