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Chef’s choice



Grilled goat cheese with creamy garlic spinach   1890.-

 Duck liver with red wine & honey-poached pears and red onion jam   2890.-



Game ragout soup with forest mushroom served in a homemade crusty bread bowl  1890.-

 Thai prawn and rice noodle soup   1690.-


Main dishes

Cheddar cheese duck burger with bacon on a homemade sesame seed bun, Dijon mustard mayonnaise and French fries   3590.-

 Homemade chicken curry ravioli in saffron mussel sauce   2990.-

 Goat cheese and garlic spinach stuffed rolled sirloin with porcini risotto   3490.-

Quesadilla with grilled grey cattle tenderloin strips, jalapeno peppers and tomato salsa   4690.-



Nutella mascarpone cheesecake with white chocolate cream   1490 .-

 Caramelized apple stuffed pancake with cinnamon foam and vanilla ice cream  1190.-