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Chef’s choice


Grilled eggplant rolls with goat cheese and oak leaf lettuce salad with walnut oil dressing  2290.-


Curry risotto with Cheddar cheese
and smoked duck breast  2190.-



Angus beef ragout soup with mozzarella
stuffed green pesto tortellini  2190.-


Spicy orange honey cream soup
with poppy seed-cottage cheese dumplings 1290.-



Main dishes

Red tuna steaks with pink peppercorn sauce
and mini truffle potato croquettes  3990.-


Spicy duck breast tortellini with piquant sauce
and pak choi  3490.-


Smoked pork ribs with chili and honey glaze, Mexican vegetables with tomatoes
and roast potatoes  4990.-


Red wine and porcini mushroom venison stew
with sheep cheese polenta  5290.-


Grilled chicken breast fillet and goat cheese with blueberry quince puree and apple croquettes  3790.-



Baked apple and cinnamon stuffed pancakes
with vanilla foam  1290.-


Pear and salted caramel cake with crumb topping 1490.-

Enjoy your meal !                Alfred Stex Jr.