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Chef’s choice



Roasted walnut and mustard loin salad with pumpkin seed oil   3990.-


Sausage and cream cheese stuffed fried jalapeno with barbecue sauce   2790.-



Vietnamese pho soup with rice noodle and braised sirloin  1390.-


Coriander vegetable chickpeas soup with saffron



Main dishes

Smoky chipotle  pepper cream marinated sirloin with red bean jasmine rice   2990.-


Spinach mustard pork neck on cast iron plate with grilled feta cheese, smoked pork neck and duck fat roasted potatoes  3990 .-


Oyster mushroom and smoked cheese stuffed pork tenderloin rolled in parma ham with sheep cottage cheese stuffed potatoes  3990.-


Honey soy grilled chicken legs filet with soy roasted peaches and sweet potatoes  2490.-


Russian meat tortellini with fresh sour cream and white wine vinegar   2490.-



Lemony forest fruit cottage cheese cake  1390.-


Peanut butter white chocolate blondie with caramel sauce    1390.-


Enjoy your meal !                Alfred Stex Jr.