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Stex Alfred’s favourite breakfast 1950.-

(scrambled eggs with onions, sausage, ham, fried potatoes and cheese)

English breakfast   2790.-

                                                            (2 fried eggs, homemade grilled sausage, bacon, fried mushrooms,tomatoes, beans, toast)                                                                                                       

Ham and eggs (3 eggs)     1490.-

Bacon and eggs (3 eggs)   1490.-

                                                     Scrambled eggs (tomato, bell pepper, onion, bacon, cheese, ham, mushroom, 3 eggs)  1590.-                                                                                                                   

                                                                Omelette (tomato, bell pepper, onion, bacon, cheese, ham, mushroom, 3 eggs)  1590.-                                                                                    

English pancakes  (strawberry pulp, Nutella or apricot jam)     1390.-

Muesli with yogurt, honey and fresh fruits   1490.-

Mixed cheese platter  2690.-

(Trappista cheese, smoked cheese, Camembert, blue cheese, butter)





Steak tartare with crunchy vegetables     3490.-

Side dish to tank beer  2590.-

(piquant feta dip with wild onions, spicy eggplant dip, sun-dried tomato dip

with fresh basil and mascarpone, fresh vegetables and crunchy olive ciabatta)

Arancini Italian mozzarella stuffed risotto ballswith arrabbiata sauce   2290.-


                                VEGETARIAN DISHE                               

Tomato eggplant bake with couscous and grilled smoked sesame tofu   1990.-

                                                            Guacamole stuffed sweet potatoes with vegan sour cream   1990.-           



SOUP cup/bowl

Hungarian goulash soup with pinched noodles    1090.-/1890.-

Rich beef soup with homemade noodles      890.-/1590.-

Cream of sweet potato and ginger soup with mango puree    790.-/1490.-




Caesar salad with crunchy spicy cheese crisps andgrilled chicken stripes   2890.-

Panzanella salad platter with spicy marinated sirlion strips  3190.-

Grilled duck breast salad with honey mango sauce and roastedpear with cheddar cheese    3290.-




 Grilled trout     2790.-

Iron plate grilled pink salmon steak with citrus mint oil   3690.- 




Stex platter for 2 people   7690.-

(confit duck legs, mustard panko crusted sirlion, grilled skin-on chiken

breast fillet stuffed with goat chees, potato chips, jasmin rice)

Grilled meat platter for 1 or 2 people                                                               3990.-/7590.-

(mozzarella stuffed sirloin steak roll, garlic pork chops, mixed

peppercorn pork medallions, sweet chili & shallot marinated potatoes)

Veal paprikash with baby spinach-cheese-egg-dumplings   3990.-

Thick cut sirloin steak (250g) and baked potatoes stuffed with herbed sheep cheese   4290.-

                                                  Beef cheek confit in red wine sauce with vegetables served with porcini gnocchi 3890.-   





Pesto tomato mozzarella chicken bake with pancetta   2790.-

Prune stuffed duck breast fillet wiht baked apple puree  3190.-

Grilled turkey breast fillet and eggplant with spinach ricotta and Parmesan  2690.-



Iron plate grilled mustard-rosemary pork chops with French fried onions  2490.-

Whole roasted pink pork loin with leek cream    2690.-

Huge Wiener Schnitzel (250g)  2690.-




            Steak platter for 2 people 14990.-

                        (veal sirloin steak/250g, mixed peppercorn marinated tenderloin steak/250g,

fresh ginger marinated rib-eye steak/250g, spiced butter)

            Mixed peppercorn marinated tenderloin steak grilled on iron plate (250 g)  5990.-

Fresh ginger marinated rib-eye steak (250 g)    3990.-

Grey cattle steak (250 g)  6490.-

Veal sirloin steak (250 g)   5190.-



            Wild mushroom sauce   650.-

            Mixed peppercorn sauce    650.-

Gorgonzola sauce   650.-



Pistachio spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes and arugula  2590.-

Asian toasted noodles with crispy vegetables, marinatedchicken breast strips and pak choi  2790.-

Purple potato gnocchi with creamy garlic spinach sauce and grilled red tuna  2890.-

Salsiccia fettuccine in basil tomato ragu with Parmesan shavings    2590.-   




French fries  620.-

Spicy coated skin on potato wedges 620.-

Potato rosti  620.-

Buttered parsley potatoes 620.-

Creamy mashed potatoes  620.-

Potato croquettes  620.-

Sweet chili & shallot marinated potatoes  1090.-

Herbed sheep cheese stuffed baked potatoes 1290.-

Crispy, butter braised royal vegetables  1090.-

Grilled vegetables  1490.-

Buttered spinach with garlic  790.-

Mixed green salad with garlic yogurt sauce   1490.-

                                                                      Jasmine rice   620.-  





Pickled cucumber   650.-

Tomato salad  650.-

Cucumber salad  650.-

Cabbage salad  650.-

Homemade mixed pickles  650.-




Pancake (jam, Nutella, cocoa)    330.-/piece

Sponge cake Somlo style on caramel striped strudel leaves  1590.-

Walnut cream filled homemade pastry with van mascarpone and chocolate sauce  1590.-