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 Steak tartare with fresh vegetables and toast   3990,-

 Side dish to tank beer   2890,-
(smoked salmon tartare, olive oil fried Padron peppers with sea salt, sesame eggplant dip) 

Baked eggplant with buffalo mozzarella, tomato-garlic ragout, Parmesan and homemade baguette   3390,-



Ricotta and spinach gnocchi with sage, butter and green pesto   2590,-

Porcini and mascarpone risotto with tomato confit and Parmesan   2890,-  




 Hungarian goulash soup with pinched noodles   1090,-/1890,-  

 Rooster soup with homemade noodles   890,-/1590,-

 Cream of sweet potato apple soup with black sesame   790,-/1490,-




Caesar salad with crunchy spicy cheese crisps and grilled chicken stripes    2890,-     

 Roast duck salad with pineapple, cashew nuts and chili lime dressing   2990,-    

 Rocket and Serrano ham salad with iron plate grilled French goat cheese   2900,-

 Tuna salad plate with steamed green beans, quail eggs and Dijon mustard dressing   2890,-



 Iron plate grilled salmon steak with green lemon   3990,-

 Grilled red tuna fillet with sun-dried tomato ragout and pine nuts   4290,-



 Stex platter for 2 people   8490,-
(grilled chili garlic pork chops with letcho and mangalitza sausage, BBQ pork ribs, spinach and goat cheese stuffed sirloin steak, spicy coated skin on potato wedges, jasmine rice)

 Grilled meat platter for 1 or 2 people   4290,-/7790,-
(bacon wrapped grilled turkey breast fillet stuffed with spinach and camembert, bacon wrapped pork medallions, sirloin steak with fried onion rings and sweet chili & shallot marinated potatoes)

 Slow cooked beef cheek with gravy and vegetables, bacon and cabbage stuffed gnocchi   4290,-

 Chili honey pork ribs with red bean & sweet corn stew stuffed cheesy potatoes and buttered corn   3690,-

 Grilled trout with mango-ginger sauce and lemon pepper roasted potato balls   3690,-  



 Grilled mango honey chicken breast fillet with duck liver   3290,-

 Bacon wrapped grilled turkey breast fillet stuffed with spinach and camembert   2990,-

 Sour cream chicken paprikash with homemade pasta   2890,-



 Spicy sausage stuffed pork tenderloin wrapped in caul fat served with letcho and mangalitsa sausage   3390,-

 Chili garlic marinated grilled pork chop with baked bacon   3190,-

 Huge Wiener Schnitzel   2990,-




Steak platter for 2 people   14990,-
(grey cattle steak with herb butter, fresh ginger marinated ribeye steak, sirloin steak with fried onions)

 Mixed peppercorn marinated tenderloin (250 g)   6290,-

 Fresh ginger marinated ribeye steak (450 g)   6490,-   

 Grilled grey cattle steak (250 g)   6690,-

 Angus beef tenderloin grilled on an iron plate (250 g)   9890,- 



 Wild mushroom sauce   650,-

 Mixed peppercorn sauce   650,-

 Gorgonzola sauce   650,-

 Herbed cheese sauce   650,-




 Homemade squid ink fettuccine with chili tomato green beans and grilled seafood   3990,-

 Spaghetti with green pesto sour cream sauce and parmesan with fresh basil-tomato-wild boar ragout   3390,-

 Dijon marinated tenderloin stripes with creamy wild mushroom pappardelle   3890,-

 Linguine with toasted pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and rocket  2790,-



 French fries   620,-

 Spicy coated skin on potato wedges   620,-

 Potato rosti   620,-

 Potato croquettes   620,-

 Sweet chili & shallot marinated potatoes   660,-

 Lemon pepper roasted potato balls   660,-

 Buttered parsley potatoes   620,-

 Creamy mashed potatoes   620,-

 Butter braised royal vegetables   1090,-

 Grilled vegetables   1490,-

 Buttered spinach with garlic   790,-

 Mixed green salad with garlic yogurt sauce   1490,-

 Jasmine rice   620,-



 Pickled cucumber   650,-

 Tomato salad   650,-

 Cucumber salad   650,-

 Pickled apple pepper   650,-

 Cabbage salad   650,-



 Pancake 330,-/piece
(jam, Nutella, cocoa or cottage cheese)

 Sponge cake Somlo style on caramel striped strudel leave 1590.-

Strawberry mascarpone chocolate cake with buttery biscuit base and forest fruit ragout   1590,-



 Stex Alfred’s favourite breakfast   1950,-
(scrambled eggs with onions, sausage, ham, fried potatoes and cheese)

 English breakfast   2790,-

(2 fried eggs, homemade grilled sausage, bacon, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, toast)

 Ham and eggs   1490,-
(3 eggs)

 Bacon and eggs   1490,-
(3 eggs)

 Scrambled eggs   1590,-
(tomato, bell pepper, onion, bacon, cheese, ham, mushroom, 3 eggs)

 Omelette   1590,-
(tomato, bell pepper, onion, bacon, cheese, ham, mushroom, 3 eggs)

 English pancakes   1390.-
(strawberry pulp, Nutella or apricot jam)

 Muesli with yogurt, honey and fresh fruits   1390,-

 Mixed cheese platter   2690,-
(Trappista cheese, smoked cheese, camembert, blue cheese, butter)