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Steak tartare 4 390.-
With fresh vegetables and toast bread
Italian ham platter 3 690.-
With mozzarella, sun-dried tomato mascarpone dip, crusty baguette
Greek-style chicken and rocket wrap 2 990.-
With yogurt garlic dipping sauce
Grilled smoked tofu2 990.-
With cashews and roasted brussels sprouts
Prawn, mango3 690.-
Fresh fruit and chilli salad with lime vinaigrette
Stex platter for 2 people9 990.-
Smoked beef brisket, cheese crusted mustard pork chops, Black Forest ham wrapped grilled chicken breast stuffed with camembert and sun-dried tomatoes, jasmine rice, spicy French fries
Grilled meat platter for 2 people 9 790.-
Bacon wrapped filet mignon, grilled chicken breast with herb butter, grilled thick sirloin steak, cheddar cheese grilled potato wedges
Caesar salad 3 390.-
With spicy cheese chips and grilled chicken breast strips
Smoked beef brisket 4 990.-
With chipotle sauce and cheddar cheese grilled potato wedges
Duck burger3 990.-
With homemade sesame bun, duck liver sauce and spicy French fries


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Creamy zucchini basil soup 1 990,-
With smoked duck breast strips and pine nuts
Chilled plum dumpling soup1 590,-
With sweet breadcrumbs
Sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella grilled pork medallions4 890,-
With tomato basil risotto
Smoked beef ribs 6 490,-
With grilled tomatoes, herb sauce and roasted potatoes
Grilled seabream4 690,-
With lemon pepper potatoes
Wild boar stew 5 490 ,-
With porcini mushrooms and sheep cheese polenta
Raspberry white chocolate mousse 1 990,-
Stex haz


Angus beef tenderloin10 890.-
Iron plate grilled  (250 g)
Grilled grey cattle steak 7 790.-
(250 g)
Rib-eye steak5 690.-
Fresh ginger marinated (300 g)
Thick sirloin steak4 990.-
Grilled (300 g)
Tenderloin steak 6 990.-
Marinated tenderloin steak grilled on iron plate (250 g)
Steak platter for 2 people19 900.-
Thick sirloin steak, grey cattle steak, fresh ginger marinated rib-eye steak, herb butter
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