Tokaji's Szamorodni dry 1dl 2 000,-
Ropogós zöldségekkel, pirítóssal
Martini, 8 cl 1 390.-
(Dry, Bianco, Rosso, Rosato)
Campari 8cl 1 590.-
Aperol, 8 cl1 790.-

Vodka (4 cl)

Grey Goose Vodka2 590.-
Russian Standard 1 990.-
Platinum Vodka
Absolut Vodka1 390.-
Finlandia Vodka 1 390.-

Rum (4 cl)

Equiano Original Rum 2 490,-
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 2 490,-
Kraken Black Spiced Rum 1 990.-
Bacardi Rum1 390,-
Carta Blanca
Bacardi Rum1 490,-
Gold, Black
Captain Morgan Black 1 490,-
Spiced Gold Rum1 490,-
Stroh 80°1 590,-

Tequila (4 cl)

Tequila Jose Cuervo 1 490,-
Tequila Jose Cuervo1 490,-
Tequila Don Ramón1 990,-
Punta Diamante Reposado
Tequila Don Ramón1 890,-
Punta Diamante Silver
Vivir Blanco Tequila2 490,-
Punta Diamante Silver
Vivir Reposado Tequila2 690,-
Punta Diamante Silver

Gin (4 cl)

Gin Mare2 590,-
Malfy Gin Rosa1 590,-
Hendricks Gin2 390,-
Tanqueray London Dry Gin 1 790,-
Bombay Sapphire Gin 1 490,-
Gin Nordes1 890,-
Gin Drumshanbo Gunpowder 2 090,-
Brockmans Premium Gin 1 990,-

Pálinka (4 cl)

Pálinka distilled in cauldron

Szamosszegi Birs 2 090.-
Szamosszegi Kieffer 1 890.-
Szamosszegi 2 090.-
Magvazott Kökény
Szamosszegi Szabolcsi 1 890.-
Jonathán Apple

Towered distilled pálinka

Árpád’s Apricot 1 990.-
Árpád’s Lepotica Plum 1 890.-
Árpád’s Sour Cherry 1 990.-
Árpád’s Red Pear 1 990.-
Árpád’s Raspberry2 890.-
Árpád’s Ginger Distillate1 990.-

Whisky (4 cl)

Johnnie Walker Red Label1 390,-
Johnnie Walker Black Label 1 990,-
12’ year old scottish
Bulleit95 Rye Whiskey1 790.-
USA rye whisky
Toki Suntory Whisky 2 690.-
Glenmorangie Lasanta Whisky 2 490.-
Single Malt Scottish 12 years old
Jim Beam1 490.-
Kilchoman Machir Bay 2 890.-
Islay Malt
Jack Daniel’s1 790.-
Jameson1 690.-
Writers Tears Copper Pot Whisky1890,-
Writers Tears Oak Whiskey1990,-
Makers Mark 46 2 490,-
Glenlivet 2 490.-
12’ year old Single Malt scottish
Caol Ila 3 590.-
12’ year old Islay Malt

Brandy, Cognacs (4 cl)

Ararat Brandy***** 1 490.-
Metaxa *****1 490.-
Martell Cognac V.S.2 290,-
Courvoisier VSOP Cognac 2 890,-

Liqueurs, Spirits (4 cl)

Zwack Unicum Riserva1 990.-
Zwack Unicum1 490,-
Unicum plum/Unicum Barista
Jägermeister1 490.-
Becherovka1 390,-
Amaretto, Disaronno 1 390.-
Ouzo Tsantali1 390,-
Sambuca Ramazotti1 390,-
Malibu1 390,-
Triple Sec 1 390,-
Dessert liqueur
Kahlúa 1 390,-
Coffee liqueur
Shanky’s Whip Black Irish Whiskey 1 490,-
Bailey’s 1 490,-
Cointreau1 490,-
Absinthe 1 490,-
Ypioca Cachaca 1 390,-
Sugarcane distillate
Calvados Boulard 1 390,-
Apple distillate
Tubi 60 2 190,-

Champagne, Prosecco

Villa Sandi Prosecco 1 190.-/ 8 990.-
DOC Frizzante (dry) (0,1 dl/ 0,75 l)
Törley Gála / Fortuna 2 990.-
Sweet, dry (0,75 l)
Hungária Extra Dry 5 990.-
Dry (0,75 l)
Martini Asti 7 390.-
Muscat, sweet (0,75 l)
Mumm Cordon Rouge 26 900.-
Dry (0,75 l)

White wines

Mátrai "Nagyréde Fehér" H-Négyzet Pince650.- 4 900.-
Light straw yellow colour. The nose has a hint of minerality and a subtle fruity character. Tasting dry, the acidity is lively, the body is characterized by lightness: it has a lot of content and energy. On the palate a delicate saltiness, accompanied by juicy, white flesh fruits with a lovely sweetness. Great lines and proportions.
Tokaji Kvaszinger Sárgamuskotály690-. 5 100.-

It has an elegant muscat scent with white flowers. The wine has a sufficient acidity, which is complemented by its tiny residual sugar content. The wine fresh and fruity, perfect for friendly gatherings! Best pairing for poultry dishes, fish and salads but it is also excellent for spritzer.

Balatoni Rubin Zöldveltelíni690-. 5 100.-

Zöldveltelíni has a light golden appearance. The wine is dry when tasted, its acids are vigorous, and its body is muscular. Mineral and spicy notes dominate, with a hint of grapefruit and white pepper at the end of the flavour. Suggested serving temperature: between 12° and 13°C, drink the wine with salad, grilled fish, roasted chicken, fish & chips, fresh cheeses - e.g., goat cheese.

Csopaki Tánczos770.- 5 700.-
Tagyoni Zenit

Medium intensity straw yellow colour. The aroma of the wine is accompanied by fine mineral notes and juicy white fleshy fruit. The wine is semi-dry, characterized by vital acids, a light but well-kept body, mineral flavours, and a long aftertaste. Great Zenit, for everyday life in a good sense. Best pairing for fish or chicken dishes and salads.

Etyeki Sauvignon Blanc Vértes Pince860.- 6 400.-
Light straw yellow colour. There are few indications of the grape variety in the aroma of the wine. It was filtered from perfectly ripe fruit, so the character of the variety hides behind the elegant, chalky minerality of the Etyek wine region. What characterizes the wine? Delicious fruits, infused spices! When tasted, the wine is dry, full-bodied and creamy with a lively acidity.
Balatoni Skrabski 940.- 6 900.-
Rajnai Rizling

Light golden yellow wine. The aroma shows the notes of minerality and dried fruits. It is a dry wine with lively acidity, a round body, a mineral character and elegant taste reminiscent of grapes. The wine pairs well with fish, chicken, and roast pork.

Mátrai Olaszrizling Kővágó Pince 1 040.- 7 800.-
Medium intensity, straw yellow colour. Grapes and peaches appear in the aroma, surrounded by a mineral character. The wine is dry when tasted, characterized by lively acids, full-body, and aromas reminiscent of juicy fruits spiced with minerals.
Etyeki Vértes1 250.- 9 300.-

Brilliant straw yellow colour and medium intensity. The aroma of the wine is dominated by minerality, which is taken to the next level by discreet spices and a touch of buttery character. Dry wine with a harmonious acidity, with a distinctly fleshy body and a creamy surface. The aroma of the wine is characterized by a long aftertaste. This chardonnay is a real surprise chardonnay, one of the most elegant on the domestic wine horizon. The wine pairs well with fish and white meat, but even with pork.

Peter Yealands Új-Zélandi9 900.-
Sauvignon Blanc

The bouquet shows lifted notes of citrus blossom and passion fruit, underpinned with aromas of fresh herbs and lemon zest. The palate is full and lively with juicy tropical fruit that is balanced with a long, crisp mineral finish. This wine has a personality!


Szekszárdi Kékfrankos 650.- 4 900.-

Dúzsi Pince

Pale rosé colour, fresh fruit aromas, perfect strawberry and no tutti frutti. Great palate with flavoursome strawberry and refreshing grapefruit. Delicious bitterness, Kékfrankos spice and a bit of appealing sweetness that suits it well at the end of the very long palate.


Dél-Balatoni Rubin Merlot690.- 5 100.-

Rosé Bio

Light orange salmon colour with bright pink reflexes. The rosé smells of cherries, strawberries and raspberries with a delicate spicy undertone. Dry wine with crisp acidity, rich body and an elegant, deep red berry fruity taste. Capitalized rosé, of the most enjoyable variety. Pair best with salads, tomato dishes, matured ham, homemade cold cuts, fish and chicken dishes and burgers. This merlot rosé from Rubin winery does a great job as a spritzer, too!

Red wines

Tolnai Tűzkő Kékfrankos690.- 5 100.-

This dry red wine combines the typical spiciness of the variety with the elegance.This is a typical wine of the Kékfrankos variety, being one of the most popular red varieties of Hungary.It can show a very nice feature in good vintages. Its spicy nose and forest berry type of flavours are pleasant with meals prepared with paprika, beef, beefsteak tartare and similar spicy meals.

To be cooled down till 17-18 degrees Celsius.

Villányi Günzer Tamás Primus 820.- 6 100.-

Medium-bodied, wooden barrel-aged, elegant, fruity-tasting red wine made from the most beautiful vineyards of the Villány Wine Region, carefully selected from harvested grapes. As a perfect work of art, it is characterized by the harmony of proportions. It is a brilliant pairing with steaks, roast beef and game meat.

Egri Tóth Ferenc 890.- 6 700.-
Pinot Noir

With its orange ruby colour, this wine trickles down easily the side of the glass. It smells and tastes like the mushroom hiding in the rain-soaked leaf litter. Along with the velvety tannins and proportional acids, the sweet sensation only deepens the overall effect.

Egri Bikavér 950.- 7 100.-

Csutorás Grand Superior Pince

Kékfrankos, kadarka, menoir and cabernet franc blend. Deep purple colour. Aromas presenting blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and a delicious spicy characteristic. The wine tastes dry, and characterized by an elegant acidity, rich tannins, rich body and great proportions. In the taste fruits and spices come and conquer. It is an excellent wine from the Eger wine region, one of the most beautiful Bull's Blood on the market. It is recommended to decant! Suggested serving temperature: between 18° and 20°C, drink the wine with pork veal and beef dishes, hard cheeses.

Ménesi Balla Géza Feketeleányka1 050.- 7 800.-

Feketeleányka is a native Transylvanian black grape variety. It is characterised by intense fruitiness, with aromas of cherry and blueberry along with some spice. On the palate, soft, round tannins and a pleasant acidity make this variety lovable.

Mendóza Trapiche Broquel Malbec1 050.- 7 800.-

Made using grapes harvested from 25-year-old vineyards growing between 900 and 1200 m above sea level. Intense purple red colour with ruby hues. Aromas of fresh red and black fruits, floral notes, and earthy minerals, with an elegant touch of smoke. Rich and spicy on the palate providing a long and pleasant finish. Ideal to serve with grilled meats, stews, pasta with mushroom sauce and cheeses.

Szekszárdi Pastor 1 320.- 9 900.-
Cabernet Sauvignon  

Deep ruby colour. Rich onthe nose, mint, eucalyptus and blackberry notes with a mixture of spiciness. Very pronounced aromatics, followed by a hint of bitter chocolate. Deep flavours and full body on the palate, rich black fruit aromas with elegant spice notes, great expression. Long finish with a serious but ripe tannin structure.

Szekszárdi Merfelsz Esti Csók1 320.- 9 900.-

75% Cabernet Franc and 25% Turan blend. An incredibly exciting red wine. After the 15 months wooden barrel aging, the wine was bottled, where it rested for another 3 months. Its colour is strong, fresh purple-red. In the aroma it cannot deny the presence of Turan, spiced with violet, black berries and pepper. In the mouth, the intensity continues, supplemented by some woody notes.

It is a great accompaniment to beef and wild game dishes with fruits and juniper berries.

Tolnai Tűzkő Merlot Prémium1 590.- 11 500.-

It is one of the most magnificent red wines in the wine region, requiring deep soil and enjoying a lot of sunlight. The wine is characterized by cherry fruit notes and vanilla flavour from barrel aging.

Villányi Tiffán Carissime Cuveé14 900.-

The wine reminds of Lucia Apulea, the dearest wife. The Top selection of the Tiffán cellar was made from the grapes grown on the western slope of Villány called Kopár which has an extremely favourable climate. This wine with Cabernet base (Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Merlot) is a prominent product of the year. Excellent accompaniment of red meats and spicy wild game dishes with mushroom.

House wine (1 dl)

Molnár Olaszrizling 490,-

Dry white wine
Molnár Winery
Light with a scent of fresh air, lush, pale greenish-yellow, with a moderate muscatel bouquet. Its harmonic fruitiness is combined with lively acids. Recommended as an aperitif at 9-10°C or with soups, roast poultry and desserts with fruit.

Molnár Irsai Olivér 490,-

Dry white wine
Molnár Winery
The well-balanced, harmonious wine has a pale colour and closed scent. It is ideal to conversation according to the mild acids and the elegant characteristic.

Molnár Rosé 490,-
Dry rosé wine
Molnár Winery
Light and refreshing fruity wine for those hot summer days. Appropriate for all occasions, enjoyable with snacks, light meals, or simply as a refreshment. Serve chilled at 11-12 °C, a quencher with ice cubes.
Pócz Cabernet Franc550,-

Dry red wine
Pócz Winery
Vivid wine with high acid. This wine has a deep red colour. Both its scent and its taste reveal the aromas of raspberry and cherry.

Simkó Tokaji Hárslevelű550.-

Semi-sweet white wine
Simkó Winery
The intensive but not strong fragrances and bouquet recall perfumes (orange blossoms). Alcohol, acid and sugar content of this wine wonderfully harmonise with its bouquet and scent.

Tokaj wines (1 dl / 0,5 l)

Obzidian Bormanufaktúra Late Harvest Cuvée1500,- / 7 500,-
Sweet white wine
Medium intensity, golden yellow wine. The scent of grapes, pears, mangoes and honey appears. It is a very nice wine. Excellent accompaniment to fatty duck or goose liver dishes, dishes with oriental spices, blue cheese or desserts. A blend of Furmint, Hárslevelű, Zéta and Yellow Muscat.
Tokaji Szamorodni dry 1 500,- / 7 500,-
Dry white wine
Disznókő, Sárga Borház
It is a full-bodied, masculine wine. As an aperitif it is an excellent appetizer. It is recommended to traditional Hungarian dishes.
Tokaji Szamorodni sweet 1 500,- / 7 500,-

Sweet white wine
Disznókő, Sárga Borház
Sweet wine with vibrant acids. Both its scent and its taste reveal the aromas of apricot, melon and citrus fruits. Excellent accompaniment to desserts and goose liver dishes.

Tokaji Aszú 5 butt3 000,- / 15 000,-

5-butt, sweet white wine
Disznókő, Sárga Borház
Sweet and light aszú wine with fresh acids and youthful flavour.
This wine is excellent with a dessert of fresh fruit.

Brazil Oberon

This is a single origin brazilian coffee from the Carrado region, from Oberon district. Cause it’s a natural (dry) processed coffee, the beans have a plenty of time, to absorb a lot of sweet flavours from the pulp while drying. Due to that, it has a creamy, syrupy texture with the flavour notes of nougat, cacao and dark chocolate. As a milky bavarage it’s a must have for everybody, but as a black coffee it’s recommended to those ones, who likes mild but rich flavours.

Brazil Oberon - India Kapi Royal Blend 70%-30%

This is an exellent harmony of arabica and robusta beans. With a bit longer roasting profile, and a with a good quality robusta this coffee is more recommended to the classic style people, who likes italian style coffe. The indian robusta has a really good quality, so doesn’t have the typical bitter robusta taste, but gives an extra punch to the brazilian coffee beans. As a milky drink, it’s not the smoothest, but as an espresso it’s a bullseye for all generations.
Ristretto / with milk 630,- / 710.-

Very short coffee 2cl

Eszpresszókávé/ with milk630,- / 710.-
Hosszú kávé/ with milk630,- / 710.-

Espresso coffee, milk foam

Melange1 190,-

Espresso coffee, foamed milk, honey


Espresso coffee, foamed milk

Latte macchiato950,-

Foamed milk in glass, layered espresso coffee

Coffee with milk950,-

Cold or hot

Flat White 1 390.-
dupla ristretto, tejhab
Cream 80.-

Coffee specialities

Moccacino1 190,-

Espresso coffee, almond-chocolate sause, milk foam

Malibu Hot Shot1 390,-

Espresso coffee, Malibu, coconut syrup, milk foam

Stex coffee1 290,-

Espresso coffee, chocolate ice cream, almond syrup, cream foam

Arkadia coffee1 190,-

Espresso coffee, honey, cream foam, cinnamon

Latte Bailey’s1 890,-

Espresso coffee, Bailey’s, milk foam

Irish coffee1 990,-

Long coffee, brown sugar, irisch whisky, cream foam

Hot chocolate990,-
Ice coffee1 690,-
Espresso coffee, vanilla ice cream, cold milk, cream foam
All coffee are decaffeinated, for your order + 200,- HUF
lactose free milk + 200,- HUF
alternative milk + 200,- HUF


Dilmah’s choice1 090.-

Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ceylon Green, Jasmine Green

Black tea mixed with fruity flavours 1 090.-

Lime and orange, berry sensations 

Tea mixed with herbs and fruit 1 090.-

Peppermint and Ceylon cinnamon, elderflower and apple bluberry, blood orange and eukalyptus

Draft beer (0,3 l / 0,5 l)

DREHER TANKSÖR 780,- / 1 290,-
Dreher ANTL1690,- / 0,4 l
Dreher (brown)780,- / 1 290,-
Pilsner Urquell930,- / 1 550,-
Hofbräu München 1 020,- / 1 690.-
unfiltered wheat beer
Floris Kriek1 060,- / 1 690.-
Belgian sour cherry 0,25 l / 0,4l
Please ask your server for our current selection

Bottled beers, cider

Dreher 24 850.-
Non-alcoholic/lemon (0,33 l)
Dreher Pils 850,- /
(0,33 l)
Dreher Komlós 950,- 990,-
specialities (0,5 l)
Asahi 950.-
(0,33 l)
Corona1 350,- 1 250.-
(0,355 l)
Peroni990,- 1 250.-
(0,33 l)
Budaprés cider 1 450.-
Kedvesem, Birs (0,33 l)

Refreshers and energy drinks

Soda water 80.- / dl
Sirups of the house (0,3 l / 0,5 ) 600,- / 850,-
Lavender, Elder, Blueberry, Raspberry
Bottled soft drinks (0,25 l) 690,-

Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Max, Schweppes Orange, Schweppes Tonic, Schweppes Citrus-Mix,7up, Canada Dry

Fruit juices270,-/dl

Rauch, Sió, Toma – apple, peach, orange, cranberry, blackcurrant, grapefruit, pineapple, tomato, strawberry

Lipton Ice Tea230,-/dl

Lemon, peach, green


Fresh orange juice 1 500,- / 2 500,-
(0,3l / 0,5l )
Szentkirályi mineral water 480,- / 950,-
with or without gas
Acqua Panna620,- / 1 390,-

without gas ( 0,25l / 0,75l)  

San Pellegrino 620,- / 1 390,-

With gas (0,25l / 0,75l) 

Red Bull (0,25 l) 1 490,-

Energy drink

Fever-Tree premium tonic 1 390,-

Premium Indian Tonic, Mediterran Tonic, Aromatic Tonic (0,2 l) 

Lemonades with fructose 1 490.-

Orange, lemon, lime, mint, elder sirup, blueberry sirup, raspberry sirup, soda water

Mint elder 1 490.-

Orange, lemon, lime, mint, elderflower syrup, soda water, lemon juice

Strawberry 1 490.-

Orange, lemon, lime, strawberry purée, soda water, lemon juice

Passion fruit 1 490.-

Orange, lemon, lime, passion fruit purée, soda water, lemon juice

Basil pink grapefruit 1 490.-

Basil, orange, lemon, lime, pink grapefruit syrup, soda water, lemon juice

Violet classic 1 490.-

Violet syrup, lemon, lime, soda water, lemon juice

Cucumber, basil 1 490.-

Basil, cucumber, sugar syrup, orange, lemon, lime, soda water, lemon juice

Green apple 1 490.-

Lemon, lime, apple, green apple purée, soda water, lemon juice

Strawberry basil 1 490.-

Basil, orange, lemon, lime, lemon juice, strawberry purée, soda water

Pomegranate 1 490.-

Lime, lemon, orange, lemon juice, pomegranate purée, soda water

2 190.-
Swimming Pool

Bacardi Rum, vodka,Blue Curacao, coconut syrup, cream, pineapple juice

2 390,-
Aperol Spritz

Prosecco, Aperol, soda water

2 490.-
Tubi Aurora
Tubi60, grapefruit juice, apple juice, soda, lime, mint
2 290,-
gin, Campari, Vermuth rosso
2 390.-
Dark and stormy
Bacardi black rum, Fever Tree ginger beard, lime juice
2 290,-
Moscow Mule
vodka, lime juice, Fever tree ginger beard
1 890,-

Vodka, Triple Sec, lime, bluberry juice

3 190.-

Prosecco, Aperol, soda water

1 490,-

blackcurrant liqueur, dry white wine

1 990,-

Prosecco, elderflower syrup, mint, lime, soda water

1 990,-
White Russian

vodka, Kahlúa, cream

1 990,-
Caribeen Cosmopolitan

Bacardi Rum, Triple Sec, lime, blackcurrant juice

1 990,-
Banana Colada

Bacardi Rum, banana syrup, coconut syrup, cream, pineapple juice

1 990,-

Tequila Silver, Triple Sec, lime

1 990,-

Vodka, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, lime

2 390,-
B 52

Kahlúa, Bailey’s, Cointreau, Stroh 80°

1 990,-
Bloody Mary

Vodka, tomato juice, Worchester, Angostura, Tabasco, salt, pepper

1 990,-
Apple Mojito

Bacardi Rum, green apple purée, lime, mint, soda water

2 390,-
Queens Park Swizzle
Bacardi rum, syrup , Angostura, lime juice, fresh mint
2 390,-
Bizar Basil

Jameson, blueberry juice, lime, tangerine syrup, basil, ginger

2 990,-
Mai Tai

Cpt. Morgan Black, Stroh 80°, lime, almond syrup, peach liqueur, pineapple juice

1 990,-

Cachaca, brown sugar, lime, soda water

2 990,-

Bacardi Rum, Bacardi Gold, Bacardi Black, Stroh 80°, angostura, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadin

1 990,-
Gin Fizz

Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, soda water

1 990,-
Whisky Sour

Jim Beam bourbon whisky, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup

2 190,-

Vodka, coconut syrup, cream, passion fruit syrup, grenadine, pineapple juice

2 390,-
Frozen Fruit Daiquiri

Bacadi Superior, lime, sugar syrup, fresh fruit purée, green apple, strawberry, banana, seasonal fruits

1 990,-
Cuba Libre

Bacardi Rum, lime, Coke

1 990,-

Bacardi Rum, lime, mint, sugar syrup, soda water, with strawberry or blueberry taste

1 990,-
Old Fashion

Jim Beam bourbon whisky, Angostura bitters, brown sugar

1 890,-
Tequila Sunrise

Tequila, orange juice, grenadine

2 990,-
Long Island Ice Tea

Vodka, Bacardi Rum, gin, Triple Sec, Tequila Silver, lime, Coke

1 990,-
Pina Colada

Bacardi Rum, coconut syrup, cream, pineapple juice

2 890,-

Bailey’s, Amaretto, Cointreau, cream, pineapple juice

1 690,-
Coco Choco

Ice chocolate, coconut syrup, cream, milk

1 890,-
Sex on the Beach

Vodka, peach liqueur, blackcurrant juice, orange juice

1 690,-
Hello Melon

Ice lemon, melon syrup, tropical blue syrup, cream, milk

1 690,-
Coconut Banana

Banana, coconut syrup, cream, milk

Szröccsök as Alfred would get it

1 dl rosé wine, 2dl soda water, lavender sirup, ice or 1dl dry white wine, 2 dl soda water, elderflower syrup, ice

The prices are in HUF and include VAT / we charge an additional 12% service fee

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