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<div>Steak tartare</div>
5 290.-
Steak tartare
with fresh vegetables and toast
<div>Side dish to tank beer</div>
4 690.-
Side dish to tank beer

burrata toast with grilled tomatoes and pistachios, black Angus beef carpaccio with rocket, sun-dried tomato mascarpone cream

<div>Lamb’s lettuce and fresh fruit salad</div>
4 990.-
Lamb’s lettuce and fresh fruit salad
with grilled duck breast slices and raspberry vinaigrette
<div>Hungarian goulash soup</div>
1 890.- / 2 990.-
Hungarian goulash soup
with pinched noodles
<div>Ujhazi chicken soup</div>
1 590.- / 2 590.-
Ujhazi chicken soup
<div>Cream of sweet potato and ginger soup </div>
1 690.- / 2 790.-
Cream of sweet potato and ginger soup
with lime foam
<div>Cast iron salmon</div>
5 990.-
Cast iron salmon
vaslapon grillezve
<div>Atlantic cod fillet </div>
5 590.-
Atlantic cod fillet
in basil sauce
<div>Stex platter for 2 people</div>
13 990.-
Stex platter for 2 people

Chili and honey glazed pork ribs, bacon wrapped mozzarella and sun-dried tomato stuffed grilled chicken breast, mustard and panko crusted sirloin, whole roasted new potatoes with bacon, spring onions and sheep cheese, jasmine rice

<div>Grilled meat platter for 1 or 2 people</div>
7 390.- / 13 990.-
Grilled meat platter for 1 or 2 people

mustard pork medallions with bacon chips, pressed boneless chicken thighs, grilled sirloin steak, mixed green salad with creamy balsamic vinaigrette, spicy steak fries

<div>Venison leg confit</div>
6 990.-
Venison leg confit
with redcurrant sauce and apple croquettes
<div>Caesar salad</div>
4 490.-
Caesar salad
with spicy cheese chips and grilled chicken breast strips
5 990.-
Beef burger

with cheddar cheese in homemade sesame bun with coleslaw, hickory BBQ sauce and spicy French fries (tomato, cheddar cheese)  

<div>Grilled bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed</div>
3 890.-
Grilled bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed
with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes
<div>Grilled turkey breast fillet</div>
4 290.-
Grilled turkey breast fillet
with eggplant, tomatoes and four cheese sauce
<div>Sous vide duck breast</div>
5 490.-
Sous vide duck breast
with redcurrant
<div>Grilled pork filet mignons </div>
4 590.-
Grilled pork filet mignons
with bacon chips and celery root puree
<div>Potato and vegetable crusted mustard pork chops </div>
4 390.-
Potato and vegetable crusted mustard pork chops
with bacon & spring onion sour cream and cheddar cheese
4 390.-
Panko crusted triple pork chops
<div>Steak platter for 2 people</div>
27 990.-
Steak platter for 2 people

thick cut sirloin steak, mixed peppercorn marinated tenderloin, fresh ginger marinated rib-eye steak, herb butter

<div>Cast iron beef tenderloin steak</div>
9 990.-
Cast iron beef tenderloin steak
with mixed peppercorn marinade (250 g)
<div>Rib-eye steak with ginger marinade </div>
8 590.-
Rib-eye steak with ginger marinade
<div>Cast iron Angus beef tenderloin</div>
14 990.-
Cast iron Angus beef tenderloin
<div>Basil pesto spaghetti </div>
4 290.-
Basil pesto spaghetti
with burrata, grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts
<div>Asian fried noodles </div>
5 690.-
Asian fried noodles
with orange duck and pak-choi (carrots, pak choi, broccoli, ginger, chili, garlic, teriyaki, tamarind, cashews)
<div>Tagliatelle   </div>
5 290.-
with squid, shrimp, garlic, chili and Parmesan
<div>French fries</div>
French fries
<div>Spicy skin on potato wedges</div>
Spicy skin on potato wedges
<div>Creamy mashed potatoes</div>
Creamy mashed potatoes
<div>Potato croquettes </div>
Potato croquettes
<div>Apple croquettes</div>
1 390.-
Apple croquettes
Crispy and spicy canoe shaped potato fries
<div>Crispy, butter braised royal vegetables</div>
1 590.-
Crispy, butter braised royal vegetables
<div>Grilled vegetables </div>
2 190.-
Grilled vegetables
pak choi, carrots, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms
<div>Buttery creamed garlic spinach</div>
1 590.-
Buttery creamed garlic spinach
1 790.-
Fresh mixed green salad
with garlic yogurt sauce
<div>Jasmine rice</div>
Jasmine rice
2 190.-
Whole roasted new potatoes
with bacon, spring onions and sheep cheese
<div>Wild mushroom sauce</div>
1 190.-
Wild mushroom sauce
<div>Mixed peppercorn sauce</div>
Mixed peppercorn sauce
<div>Gorgonzola sauce</div>
Gorgonzola sauce
Redcurrant sauce
Fermented cucumbers
<div>Tomato salad</div>
Tomato salad
<div>Cucumber salad </div>
Cucumber salad
<div>Cabbage salad</div>
Cabbage salad
<div>Pancake    </div>
590.- / 790
strawberry jam, Nutella, cottage cheese
<div>Sponge cake Somlo style</div>
2 490.-
Sponge cake Somlo style
on caramel striped strudel leave
<div>Giant cottage cheese dumpling </div>
2 490.-
Giant cottage cheese dumpling
with elderflower mascarpone foam and raspberry sauce

Géza Kis Molnár restaurant manager * Gábor Németh executive chef * 3rd category restaurant

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