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We would like to inform our guests that our foods may contain the following ingredients:


cereals with gluten, crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, peanuts, walnuts, soya, milk, mustard, sesame, celery, lupine, sulfur dioxide level may exceed 10 mg/l or 10 mg/kg.


The above mentioned materials are considered allergens based on regulation 1169/2011/EU.


Please contact our waiters/waitresses for more information.

<div>Steak tartare </div>
4 990.-
Steak tartare
with crunchy vegetables
<div>Side dish to tank beer </div>
4 490.-
Side dish to tank beer

Eggplant dip, feta dip with roasted tomatoes, smoked pork knuckle cream, crispy baguette, fresh vegetables

3 590.-
Ginger chili teriyaki steak salad with sun-dried tomatoes and cashew nuts

Romaine lettuce, cabbage, peanut oil, bell pepper, mint, coriander, green onion

<div>Smoked salmon salad with mango dressing and baguette with dill feta dip</div>
3 590.-
Smoked salmon salad with mango dressing and baguette with dill feta dip
Cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, red onion, olives
<div>Hungarian goulash soup </div>
1 690.- / 2 890.-
Hungarian goulash soup
with pinched noodles
<div>Rich beef soup </div>
1 590.- / 2 590.-
Rich beef soup
with homemade noodles
<div>Jalapeno cheddar cheese soup </div>
1 390.- / 2 390.-
Jalapeno cheddar cheese soup
with Black Forest ham chips
<div>Red tuna steak</div>
5 590.-
Red tuna steak
with chimichurri sauce
<div>Salmon steak</div>
5 990.-
Salmon steak
with lemon ginger sauce
<div>Stex platter for 2 people</div>
12 990.-
Stex platter for 2 people

Beer roasted pork knuckle, sirloin steak with fried onions, cheese and sour cream baked pork ribs in potato crust with smoked pork knuckle and sheep cheese stuffing, duck fat onion potato wedges, jasmine rice

<div>Grilled meat platter for 1 or 2 people</div>
7 390.- / 13 990.-
Grilled meat platter for 1 or 2 people

Fresh ginger rib-eye steak, fried garlic loin steak with fried bacon, sous-vide grilled chicken breast, grilled vegetables, steak fries

<div>Dry aged rib-eye burger </div>
5 990.-
Dry aged rib-eye burger

with bacon, Emmental cheese and smoked duck liver sauce in sesame seed bun, u-shaped potato fries  

<div>Caesar salad platter </div>
4 190.-
Caesar salad platter
with spicy cheese chips and grilled chicken strips
<div>Hungarian beef cheek stew</div>
6 990.-
Hungarian beef cheek stew
with homemade sausage-sour cream egg barley
<div>Seed crusted turkey breast</div>
4 190.-
Seed crusted turkey breast
with spicy Greek yogurt and cheddar cheese
<div>Sous vide grilled chicken breast </div>
3 890.-
Sous vide grilled chicken breast
with bacon wrapped feta
<div>Rosemary duck breast</div>
4 890.-
Rosemary duck breast
with dried plum ragout
<div>Cheese and sour cream baked pork ribs in potato crust</div>
4 390.-
Cheese and sour cream baked pork ribs in potato crust
with smoked pork knuckle and sheep cheese stuffing
<div>Grilled pork chops</div>
3 990.-
Grilled pork chops
with onion duck liver ragout and fried egg
4 190.-
Panko crusted triple pork ribs
<div>Steak platter for 2 people</div>
26 990.-
Steak platter for 2 people

Herbed butter steak, fresh ginger marinated rib-eye steak, sirloin steak with fried onions

<div>Mixed peppercorn marinated tenderloin steak </div>
9 390.-
Mixed peppercorn marinated tenderloin steak
Vaslapon grillezve (25dkg)
<div>Fresh ginger marinated rib-eye steak</div>
7 890.-
Fresh ginger marinated rib-eye steak
<div>Angus beef tenderloin  </div>
14 500.-
Angus beef tenderloin
grilled on an iron (25dkg)
3 390.-
with rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and toasted pine nuts
<div>Zucchini and bacon pappardelle</div>
4 490.-
Zucchini and bacon pappardelle
with pistachio cheese sauce, grilled duck breast strips and Parmesan
<div>Creamy avocado and walnut tagliatelle</div>
3 890.-
Creamy avocado and walnut tagliatelle
with spicy yogurt sauce, marinated roast turkey breast strips and Parmesan shavings
<div>French fries</div>
French fries
<div>Spicy skin on potato wedges</div>
Spicy skin on potato wedges
<div>Creamy mashed potatoes</div>
Creamy mashed potatoes
<div>Potato croquettes</div>
Potato croquettes
1 950.-
Porcini mushroom risotto with Parmesan
U-shaped potato fries
<div>Crispy, butter braised royal vegetables</div>
1 390.-
Crispy, butter braised royal vegetables
<div>Grilled vegetables</div>
1 890.-
Grilled vegetables
Pak choi, sárgarépa, koktélparadicsom, padlizsán, gomba
<div>Garlic butter sauteed spinach</div>
1 390.-
Garlic butter sauteed spinach
1 990.-
Fresh mixed green salad with garlic yogurt sauce
Fokhagymás joghurtöntettel
<div>Jasmine rice </div>
Jasmine rice
<div>Wild mushroom sauce</div>
1 090.-
Wild mushroom sauce
<div>Mixed peppercorn sauce</div>
Mixed peppercorn sauce
<div>Gorgonzola sauce</div>
Gorgonzola sauce
Pickled cucumber
<div>Tomato salad</div>
Tomato salad
<div>Cucumber salad</div>
Cucumber salad
<div>Cabbage salad</div>
Cabbage salad
590.- / piece
(strawberry jam, Nutella, cottage cheese
<div>Sponge cake Somlo style</div>
2 190.-
Sponge cake Somlo style
on caramel striped strudel leave
<div>Salted caramel cheesecake</div>
2 190.-
Salted caramel cheesecake
with mango blueberry puree
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